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That Cheap Giant 6 Foot Teddy Bear Story

By now, you have probably heard about the story of the cheap giant teddy bear, you know, the one with the absurdly long legs. For some reason this story went viral. Sure, the bear was freaky looking but I am not sure why it went viral. The whole message of the story should have been, you get what you pay for. People buy a cheap teddy bear and they get you guessed it, a cheap teddy bear. It is the same with body building equipment, you pay junk price, you get junk merchandise.

So, why am I bringing this up on a bodybuilding website? For a couple reasons. I am bored and it is the holiday shopping season so I want to pass on some of my advice. I recently purchased a giant 6 foot teddy bear from A Giant Teddy and cheap it was not. I gifted it to my daughter for her birthday and she absolutely loved it. SO, how much did I pay? Around $200. Ouch right.

You Pay For A Quality Teddy Bear

The truth is that you have to pay for quality and that freaky giant teddy bear costs closer to $100. Here is what I got by anteing up and paying a decent price for a 6 foot teddy bear. Just one look at the pictures should show the difference, but here are some of the key points.

  • Teddy Bear Made In America
    They can make things cheap overseas but this usually does not translate into quality. Cheap labor and cheap materials make a cheap product. You can not be guaranteed that you will even receive new and quality stuffing when you buy a teddy bear from overseas.
  • American Style Teddy Bear
    American style bears have certain dimensions. They, for example, do not have 4 foot legs on a 6 foot bear. If you want a classic shaped bear, you need to shop American and pay a fair price.
  • Speedy Bear Delivery
    My bear was domestic made and did not come from overseas. This means that I got it within a few days, not weeks. This is important because, come on, we all do things last minute.
  • Proper Packaging
    Ny teddy bear was securely packed and shipped. There is nothing worse than an improperly packed product arriving on your doorstep. This is particularly important with a teddy bear that your kid will be cuddling with. Who wants a dirty teddy?

This is the end of my rant. Sorry for breaking up the bodybuilding talk, but this is the holidays and our minds wander. Hope you have a good one and if you are buying a bear, check out the link above for some great ones that won’t leave you scratching your head.


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