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Maxing Out

How often do you push maximum weight? Doing a max lift can be very taxing on the body but it can also be very beneficial. Pushing your body to the maximum may possibly lead to the maximum gains. Everyone is different however and your body may not react the same way. For me, my routine consists of a one rep max using a pyramid system. Note, this routine is not for everybody and lifting this way can SIGNIFICANTLY increase your risk of injury. You should know your body and have a high experience level before taking out a workout like this. Also, be sure to either have a spotter or a good cage system which would have a safety bar.

Now on to my workout. By pyramid system I mean working up and then working down. For example, my latest bench press would be doing one set at 185 for a warmup, then one set at 225, then one set at 275 then one set at 315 and hen a one rep max of 355. I would then work back down to 225. I keep the number of sets that I do fluid with the number of sets I do depending on my energy level of the day. Some day you might want a short workout and others you might want to keep going a bit longer. I also rest a minimum of 3 minutes between sets and rest 5 minutes before a max lift, this is weight lifting, not cardio.

Now, before you start max lifting every workout, you should make yourself aware of the risks. Lifting to max each and every time can lead to injury. You open yourself up for damage to tendons and joints if you do not know your body. If you feel discomfort, do not push yourself. For me, this has been a system that has led to my best gains ever but it might not work for you. If you are at a stall, this might be something that you might want to give a try.

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