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Is It Time For A Break?

Time off on a beach.As bodybuilders, we get obsessed with our routine and discipline. We feel guilty if we miss a workout and try to stick to our workout no matter what the cost. From time to time though, you may need a break. Take a look at some reasons that you might consider taking a workout break.

You Are Injured

An injury is a great reason to take a break. Most of us will be tempted to play through the pain but this could be disastrous. Sometimes everything works out and you still heal, albeit slowly. Other times, you can make the injury worse or even cause new injuries as your other muscles struggle to compensate.

If you have an injury, take some time off and allow it to heal. If you keep your nutrition right, you should not lose much if any strength.

You Are Sore

If your muscles are sore, that is one thing, it is part of the game. Sore joints and tendons however are not normal. Riding through the pain of sore joints and tendons could cause a real problem.

Joint pain could mean that you are causing serious damage. It might be a little pain now but it could develop into some major arthritis and a low quality of life in your later years. Deal with it now and keep lifting well into your senior years.

Tendon pain, if ignored, could cause significant damage. Snap, is not something that you are going to want to feel in a tendon. If you are experiencing this kind of pain, take some time off and let it heal. If it does not seem to be healing, consult a physician.

You Are Bored

Let’s face it, weight lifting can get boring. If you get bored, you can either drudge through it, change your routine significantly or take a short break.

A week or two off can do wonders for your sanity. It can make an old routine seem new again and possibly even spur on some new growth.

You Are On Vacation

If you are planning a vacation, enjoy it. Far too many bodybuilders make finding a gym on the road a priority. Maintaining a workout becomes so important that you risk the enjoyment of your vacation. If you have a family, you can hurt their good time as well.

A week off of the weights is not going to kill your gains. Enjoy your well earned vacation.

In Conclusion

Time off should not be looked down upon. Sure, having the discipline to stick with a workout is important but it is just as important to have the brains to know when to stop. So, from time to time, take a little time off. It might just get your body and your mind back in the game.

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