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The 7 Day Myth

When you research a workout plan, you commonly see the average plan that has you work out every body part just once a week. This makes sense because your body obviously needs rest and waiting a week between workouts gives it just the right amount of time to rest. Right? Well, maybe not.

Why should we think that our body works on a schedule made up by man. The Babylonians are some of the first people to come up with the concept of the 7 day week, but why do we think that our body works on this schedule. In fact, your body might be better off working on a 5 day plan. The truth is that if you are resting well and have proper nutrition, your body probably needs nowhere near as much time to heal. By waiting 7 days to work out body parts, you might be hindering your gains.

I in fact have had my best gains by following proper nutrition and working out each body part almost twice a week. Following a five day plan, I find to be ideal. Now this is tough, because it can be hard to fit into a traditional schedule where you want to fit all your workout in during the week and then rest and have a normal life during the weekend. If you can do it though, you might experience the best gains of your life if you couple it with a proper diet and sufficient sleep. Keep in mind that SLEEP is extremely important as this is when your body releases the most growth hormone.

Ready to give this a try for yourself? Set up a four day split weight lifting routine with day five off. Day one might be legs (best to do them first in the week as leg day is the biggest grind). Day two can be Chest and Triceps. Day three can be Back and Biceps and Day four can be Back. Notice I do not have an ab day because I believe abs are a helper muscle used all the time and do not need isolation. Want to isolate the abs, do it on your back day. That being said, I have killer ab strength and never isolate them.

Every bodybuilder is different but give the five day program a try and you might find that you make the gains of your life. Remember that everyone is different and no one program is right for everybody. Experimentation is the key to finding the correct workout for your body type.

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