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New Job in Dallas

My New Dallas Job.
New Job For Me

In case you were wondering about the lack of recent activity, it is because I recently started a new job. Love to blog but blogging, unfortunately does not pay the bills. I hope to start writing a but more as things settle down around here.

Blogging is not the only thing that has unfortunately been put on the back burner. I am down to lifting weights once or twice a week, if I am lucky. Miraculously, my bench press has stayed at 335# max. I attribute this to trying to at lest eat right and switching to more of an entire body workout. I tried to retain my original workout but it was just not possible with the 60 hour weeks I have been putting in and of course the family requirements.

If you are wondering about the new job, I started working for Lone Star Cash Services. I do all of the online stuff like blogging and maintaining the website. As you might have guessed, we provide Dallas area payday loans and personal loans. I know that these types of loans have some negative connotations but if you need money and have no credit, you have to do what you have to do. We do not actually provide the loans, we instead allow consumers to get loans through our website.

What separates us a bit from our competitors is that we push installment loans or personal loans first. These are typically lower interest loans that many can qualify for with even poor credit scores. The benefit to this type of loan is lower interest, more time to pay and often higher loan amount availability.

I should start posting more on this blog as soon as I rap up my latest project. We are expanding to nearby cities offering payday loans in Mesquite and other nearby areas. Once I get the website updated with all of our new service area, I should be able to get back here at least once a week.

Plus, I can get back to my workouts. After a hiatus, I am looking forward to some possible newbie gains.

Check back in soon.

J Out.

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