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Top 3 Tricep Exercises

Triceps represent about 2/3 of your arm mass between your elbow and your shoulder. They are an extremely important muscle that also plays a huge part in your bench press. Want to increase your bench? Having trouble locking the bench at the top of the movement? Want to get serious with bodybuilding? You should add some tricep isolation if you do not already do so. Here are my favorite three tricep exercise.

One: Close Grip Bench Press

I love to do this one immediately after my bench press. Why? Because it isolates the triceps well and you are already set up for it with your bench. To do the exercise, simply narrow your bench grip to just under shoulder width. Your hands will be about a foot apart. When you lower and raise the weight, be sure to keep your elbows tucked to your side. Lower the weight from your bench because you will not be able to lift as much. The grip takes the pecs out of the equation and puts all the emphasis on the triceps.

Two: Overhead Cable Press

You might already do a cable press with the pulley at the top but you should switch this. You get more tricep activation by using a low mounted pulley and pressing the weight over your head. It is a bit more awkward but you’ll get used to it.

Three: Skull Crushers

Cool name but it is also an effective tricep workout. Simply load a curl bar and sit down on a bench. Lie down and push the weight straight up away from your chest. Lower it to your head and then raise it. Start out with a low weight and increase when you have the form down and know your limits. Here is a great article about the skull crusher.

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